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Post Pelotonia 2017
I enjoyed my ride with Pelotonia even more than last year! I was in better shape this time, the weather was cooler and the crowds were bigger. I went as Waldo...
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Pelotonia 2017
My first ride with Pelotonia last year went very well. I shared the road with almost 8,000 riders, including many cancer survivors. Together, we raised...
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Build vs. Buy: A Guide to Building from a House Plan in Austin, Texas
This month we explore whether it is cost-effective to build your own home in Austin, Texas and the surrounding suburbs or if it is less expensive to buy a...
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Honoring the Deceased this Memorial Day
Memorial Day is a federal holiday to honor the men and women who lost their lives while serving in the United States’ armed forces from the Civil War onward.
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Building Green by the Numbers
The best laid plans of mice and men…You know when you try to do the “right thing”, the “green thing”, but then wonder if your choices have a...
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5 Ways to Spruce Up your Space for Spring!
Patrick Tennant, our resident design guru, shares five helpful tips for adding a little spring to your space this season.
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Is Bigger Really Better?
Tim Barber House & Home house plans were recently featured in Coldwell Banker’s March 18 View Magazine for the Greater Los Angeles area.
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Build vs. Buy: A Guide to Building from a House Plan in Portland, Oregon
To build or to buy, that is the question. Is it cost effective to build your own home in Portland, Oregon and surrounding suburbs? Or is it cheaper and easier...
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Home Siding and Shingle Options
We often clad our TBH&H traditional and transitional new homes in wood siding or shingles. These give each project a unique exterior pattern and texture,...
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Happy Holidays
We wish you and yours the happiest of holidays. Here’s to a season filled with joy and harmony. Cheers! Love, - The TBH&H Family
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TBH&H Panel Discussion at WestEdge 2016
Tim Barber is part of a panel discussion at this year’s WestEdge Design Fair.
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October is Paint Month
We take color very seriously here at Tim Barber House & Home. We’re nearly as passionate about hues and tones as we are about architecture.
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Essential Tools for the Not-So-Handy Homeowner (Part 1)
Not all homeowners spend their Saturday mornings up a ladder or under a sink channeling their inner Bob Villa or Tim Allen (depending on your generation).
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Top 5 Best Counter Surfaces for Busy Kitchens
Do you ever notice how we age as time passes? We seem to grow less shiny, more brittle – maybe gaining a few cracks or replacement parts. This curious...
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Pedaling with Pelotonia
My ride with Pelotonia on Saturday went well. The weather was mid-west perfect, the Ohio countryside was all rolling hills and cornfields—with some good...
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10 Tips for Hosting an Epic Summer Outdoor Dinner Party
Summer. The word alone conjures up afternoons by the lake, goofing off with friends well into the night, and eating your weight in watermelon. Summer is the...
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Choosing a Landscape Architect: Ask a Pro
When building a new home, a Landscape Architect is an essential member of the team.
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Tim Barber Rides with Pelotonia.org to Raise Money for Cancer Research
Each of our lives has been touched by cancer. My mom died of it before she was 50.
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Happy 4th of July from TBH&H
Celebrating the birth of our Nation comes with backyard barbeques, fireworks and generous amounts of red, white and blue.
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TBH&H Announces Brand Partnership with Wellborn Cabinet
We are delighted to announce that Wellborn Cabinet and Tim Barber House & Home have partnered together to offer our house plan customers premium kitchen...
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When Buildings Shape Us
"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." - Winston Churchill I have built an architecture practice with this understanding.
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TBH&H Announces Brand Partnership with TruStile
We are proud to announce that TruStile and Tim Barber House & Home have partnered together to offer our house plan customers premium doors for our homes.
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27th Annual Bungalow Heaven House Tour
Working in the home design field is an absolute dream come true for me. I love houses. My husband jokes I have more pictures of houses than people on my...
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Top 10 Uses for Vinegar around the House
Vinegar has been used for centuries to pickle and preserve food.
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Finding What Fits Underfoot: A Guide To Kitchen Flooring
Whether you are truly a chef or simply spend much of your time in the kitchen, choosing the best flooring for this room is an important decision.
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TBH&H Announces Brand Partnership with Marvin Windows
Tim Barber House & Home is thrilled to announce that Marvin Windows and Doors and TBH&H have partnered together to offer our house plan customers...
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How to Select a Roof
When selecting the roofing material for your Tim Barber House & Home plan, it is important to consider the climate, house style and budget in choosing the...
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A History of Porches
Tim’s Tribute to Porches When I was very young, our large back porch was center of the kid galaxy: a stage for our theatricals, the fun house in our...
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The Interior Designer Series: Joe Lucas
To get the inside scoop on hiring and working with an interior designer, we asked our good friend and uber-talented LA Designer, Joe Lucas , to sit down with...
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A Range of Options: Ventilation For Your Kitchen
While often a design afterthought, range hoods are an important kitchen appliance that warrants special consideration. Selecting the right hood for your range...
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Choosing A Contractor: Ask a Pro
Nearly everyone knows that part of the process of choosing a contractor to build your new home requires that you check the contractors’ references. But,...
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5 Things Your Realtor Should Know
Your Realtor isn't going to know all the details a contractor would know about the buildability of a piece of land but you will need them to know the...
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Letting Off Some Steam: Ventilating Your Bathroom
Getting the bathroom ventilation right is essential to the health of your bath. Without proper air circulation, you can have a problem with mildew in no time....
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Organizing Your Kitchen
Our Kitchens should be like a Mac, easy to use, intuitive and streamlined. However, more than any other room in the house, the Kitchen can suffer from...
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