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October is Paint Month

We take color very seriously here at Tim Barber House & Home. We’re nearly as passionate about hues and tones as we are about architecture. Selecting a beautiful palette for walls, trim, ceilings, and accents creates the mood of each space and transforms rooms into masterpieces. Let us inspire you to become the Monet of your own chateau.

That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate an entire month to our favorite paint colors. Follow us on Instagram throughout October as we share our favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors and the inspiration behind our choices.

And don’t forget to join in on the fun. Add #TBHHPaintMonth to your posts to share your favorite colors with us. We love to see what inspires our friends, clients and collaborators.

Why We Love Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is our first choice when it comes to paint. We often specify their paint colors in our house plans and in our custom residential work at Tim Barber Ltd. They have a rich palette of colors, offer eco-friendly, low-to-no VOCs base options, and make paint formulas that keep colors looking vibrant and fresh. 

In addition, the Benjamin Moore website is outstanding. Personally, we could spend hours there, browsing through their colors and playing with their “Color a Room” tool. One of the advantages of the Benjamin Moore site is each color is paired with complementary tones to help you pick the right color combinations for every room.

Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing the right paint colors can be a daunting task, but we’ve got a few tips to help you decide which colors will look best in your room.  

First thing to consider: Will the paint color complement or clash with your current décor? For instance, if your décor leans heavily on purples, you might want to avoid lime greens—you don’t want to end up living in The Joker’s crash pad.

Assess how light will affect your paint choice. Paint a swatch of the colors you are considering – preferably on a piece of drywall or foam core board. Light changes color depending on its direction. You can carry the sample boards from wall to wall and see a noticeable difference, depending upon the orientation of the room. Take note of how the color changes from morning to night. Yes, the samples must be seen at night under the light from the final fixtures and lamp color temperature. And don’t forget the sheen of the paint. The sheen can alter the color hue and brightness. You might be surprised just how much the light changes how you feel about a particular color.

Lastly, color has the ability to impact the mood of a space. There is a reason hospitals are painted pale green and restaurants rely heavily on yellows and reds. Color theory explores how particular shades and tones influence our emotional state. Therefore, it is vital to understand how our choices might affect how we sleep, how we interact with family, even how we relate to food.