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Living Old School in the New Age

In today's world we rush and we race from one responsibility to the next. We multi-task while multi-tasking. We text because we don’t have time to call. While our homes should be our refuge - sanctuaries where we can unwind - oftentimes, they feel more like pit-stops than destinations.

Looking back a few decades, our world was less harried. We ate dinner with our family EVERY night, threw birthday parties in the backyard and read books on lazy Sunday afternoons.

We at Tim Barber House & Home think there is wisdom to be gained from looking backward as we move forward. We call our philosophy Living Old School in the New Age. It is a philosophy of balance, consideration and commitment.

Imagine slowing down for a few minutes a day...

What if we put down our phones and talked to each other in person or found time for pillow fights and dancing in the kitchen?  What if there was more time for the simple pleasures of good company and quiet contemplation? What if we could find this at home?

The key to living old school in the new age lies at home.  If houses are smartly designed to manage clutter, save us money and grow with us, we will have more time and more money for the fun stuff. If our rooms are proportioned to bring people together around the table or the fire, perhaps we will gather more often. If we include spaces where we can find quiet moments to think or read or dream, just imagine…

At TBH&H, we think everyone deserves this kind of home. So we are designing them, you are building them, and together we are making a difference - one house at a time.